Race Results #159 Winter Solstice Saturday Dec 17th at 9am.

We had 13 racers today on a cold day.  The majority of the course was snow or ice covered.   It was very icy going up Lower Macleay trail and icy down Thurman.   Wildwood trail was perfect, hard packed snow the majority of the trail.  There were still a few down trees but they had cleaned up a few of the worst ones.


Race #159 Winter Solstice, Dec 17th, 9:00AM
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Martin Scott 0:49:38 1st time running.
2 Hult Nathan 0:51:41  
3 Rutherford Kevin 1:02:34  
4 Burke Mike 1:03:31  
5 Kregal Joe 1:04:15  
6 Mow Robert 1:13:50  
7 Lekas Andrew 1:29:14 1st time running.
8 Klug Caroline 1:29:16 1st time running.
9 Duncan Jerry 1:29:20  
10 Failla Glen 1:29:21  
11 Scharffenberg Del 1:29:29  
12 Cackley Steve 1:38:15  
13 Granum E David 1:59:16  




Winter Run

Was hoping to make it on the 17th, but couldn't get out of the driveway.
Tom Napier and I ran the route on the 24th at 7:25 AM and did it in 67 minutes.
Hope to see you in the spring. Thanks again for all your efforts.
Dave Walters