Results of Summer Solstice Run #149

 We had a perfect morning to run, clear skies and cool.   It was our first race with the Thurman Street Bridge detour which increases the course to about 7.00 miles.   Attendance was low for such a perfect morning to race.

Come out for the next race it is the 150th race in MGP series.  Monday Sept 22nd at 6pm

Here are the results for today.


Race #149 Summer Solstice June 21st, 2014 9am.
1st race with full detour makes total distance about 7.00
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Franek Dan  0:47:28 1st time runner
2 Oehl Mike 0:47:31  
3 Hult Nathan 0:48:47  
4 deWit Raketa 0:49:35 A dog escorted by William Emerson.  Ran the fastest but had a few too many pits stops.
5 Cackley-Hughes Marat 1:00:53  
6 Walters David H. 1:02:42 Ran early am
7 Kregal Joe 1:02:47  
8 Beight John 1:06:16 Ran at 7 am
9 Mow Robert 1:08:42 Ran 6/29
10 Tong Nathan 1:10:30  
11 Bradley Sandy 1:18:21  
12 Tong Dennis 1:18:27  
13 Cackley Steve 1:23:48  
14 Granum E David 1:24:04 Fastest time in a few years.
15 McCracken Bill 1:40:00  
16 Chilton Cynthia 2:00:35 Walked early before race
17 Yamaguchi Colene 2:00:35 Walked early before race
18 Napier Tom x Ran early AM, no time




The sesquicentennial Run

Thank you Nathan for keeping the torch burning and thank you Steve for igniting the flame.

E. David Granum