Results Autumnal Equinox Run 9/22/13

We had a small turnout tonight only 15 racers in the race but already had two times sent in.  We lucked out and had nice weather for the race, earlier in the afternoon there was heavy ran but the sun came out and we had a dry but somewhat muddy race.   Not many Swifts tonight though.  

Send in your times if you missed the race.   I still need to run the course and will post a time later.


Race #146 Autumnal Equinox Sunday Sept 22nd, 2013 5:30pm
  Last Name First Name Time Comments
1 Oehl Mike 0:45:57  
2 Stilson Mack 0:48:23  
3 Scharffenberg Erik 0:53:05  
4 Walters David H. 0:58:10 Ran Saturday at 7:15 am
5 Pimont Vincent 0:59:05 Ran Saturday at 7:15 am
6 Kregal Joe 0:59:20  
7 Mow Robert 1:00:24  
8 Justice Ellie 1:02:44  
9 Justice Dean 1:02:51  
10 Cackley-Hughes Marat 1:04:51 Ran in AM
11 Lyman Jen 1:05:53  
12 Scharffenberg Del 1:06:44  
13 Whalen Michael 1:07:34 1st time runner.
14 Willet Fred 1:09:35  
15 Bradley Sandy 1:11:45  
16 Tong Dennis 1:16:56  
17 Cackley Steve 1:19:20 Ran in the AM
18 Granum E David 1:31:47  
19 McCracken Bill 1:36:56  
20 Chilton Cynthia No time Ran Sept 28th at 7am with Tom but did not time.
21 Napier Tom No time Ran Sept 28th at 7am with Cynthia but did not time.




Autumnal Equinox Results

After returning from our respective trips to Italy and France, Tom Napier and I ran the course Saturday Sept 28th @ 7:00 AM. Rain was threatening but never materialized and the trails were in fine condition. We remembered the course perfectly despite severe jet-lag but neglected to bring watches so we have no run times to report.

Fall run

VIncent Pimont ran 59:05 and I ran 58:10 on Saturday morning at 7:15. Weather was cool and dry.
Please add to the overall results.